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Eddie Vedder Joins High School Band For Surprise Performance

Jake Howard /

Aug 28, 2023

Vedder and The Alive made magic at the 2022 Ohana Festival. With the Foo Fighters and The Killers headlining this year's event, look for more good times to come to Dana Point, California, this September.

Eddie Vedder Joins The Alive At Ohana Fest

You’re a local high school band given the opportunity to play the very first set on the opening day of Eddie Vedder’s Ohana Festival. Jack White, Stevie Nicks, they’re all on the bill right there with you. The stage time alone means the world, but then, as you’re about to dive into the last song out comes Uncle Eddie and belts out a couple verses with you.

That's how it went down for Laguna Beach homegrown band The Alive at the 2022 Ohana Festival. Held at Doheny State Beach, all they had to do was drive 20 minutes south down P.C.H. for their date with destiny and rock ’n roll stardom. Featuring Manoa Neukermans on bass and vocals, Kai Neukermans on drums and Bastian Evans on vocals and guitar (son of longtime surfing environmentalist Chris Evans), the power trio emerges from a longstanding Laguna tradition of playing hard, fast and loud. Cut from a similar cloth as the late, great Taylor Hawkins, who also graced the Ohana Festival stage in the past, it was one of those magic moments that only live music can provide.

Keeping Hawkins spirit alive, The Alive just jammed with Chevy Metal, featuring Shane Hawkins, Taylor's son, on drums, and one David Grohl playing guitar and singing along. Not only that, the 2023 Ohana Festival will be headlined by the Foo Fighters. Also topping the bill is Vedder, The Killers, Pretenders, Haim and The Chicks. The festival takes place at Doheny State Beach over the course of three days. This year it runs from September 29 through October 1.

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